Impacting Our Local Community

Welcome to the United Way of Sarnia Lambton

Impacting Our Local Community.

The United Way of Sarnia Lambton funds emerging needs throughout Lambton County and supports the success of local agency programs and services. Our funding assists people as they become healthier, empowered, safe and independent.  We are change makers for our community.

Thank you to everybody who has made a charitable donation to the United Way of Sarnia Lambton.

It’s never too late to make a difference. Contributions made before December 31st   will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt for the 2022 tax year.  Contributions made in January or later will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt dated 2023.

Every dollar donated is put to work locally helping those who need it most. When you invest in our Community via the United Way you fund …What Matters!

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From Poverty To Possibility

United Way is helping people move out of, or avoid, the cycle of poverty with access to nutritious, affordable and appropriate food security and with supports to access emergency shelters and to maintain safe and stable housing.

All That Kids Can Be

Investing in kids so they can succeed in school and develop supportive relationships. Giving children and youth the support they need to make healthy choices and to better handle life’s challenges.

Healthy People, Strong Communities

United Way is creating a strong, inclusive community connecting people of all ages to supports for their personal wellbeing – from addiction and mental health supports to helping seniors live independently.

SCreen shot of the Federal Government CSRF

November 22: Ministerial Announcement Event

On November 22 at 1pm ET, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Karina Gould, will be publicly announcing the Community Services Recovery Fund in Ottawa. United Way Centraide Canada will participate alongside the Canadian Red Cross and Community Foundations of Canada (National Funders). This announcement will be a hybrid event (in-person and virtual). Once the announcement is finished, the embargo will officially be lifted. The Community Services Recovery Fund website, which will include FAQs and Eligibility Criteria, will go live and potential applicants will begin to learn about the program.

January 6: Official Launch

The application portal will officially open, and applicants can submit applications. Applicants can complete an eligibility quiz on the Community Services Recovery Fund website to determine which National Funder to apply through.

2022 – 2023 Community Investments

United Way of Sarnia-Lambton volunteer Board of Directors has announced the 2021 campaign achievement of $1,647,000.  Thank you to all our volunteers and donors who made this campaign such a success.

United Way Announces 2022 Community Investments

For Immediate Release – January 12, 2022

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton volunteer Board of Directors has approved the 2022-2023 one-year community funding investments to 30 programs in Sarnia-Lambton. This funding portfolio includes five programs that had not been previously funded by United Way.

Over the past 4 months, approximately 30 local community volunteers reviewed 39 programs equaling $2,171,320 in funding requests. The volunteers identified the programs which best addressed key elements in one of three United Way of Sarnia-Lambton priority impact areas. The volunteers then made their recommendations to the volunteer Community Investment Committee.

The 2021 campaign officially wrapped up and achieved $1,647,000 of the $1,750,000 goal raised. “The campaign was a success despite not reaching the 100% level,” said Executive Director Dave Brown. “We are grateful to the community for digging deep during uncertain times this past year. We also have complete confidence in our community investment process that the dollars raised will help those who need it most in Sarnia-Lambton.”

“The volunteers knew the task would be difficult because decreases in funding would be necessary,” said Gerry Whitcombe, Volunteer Community Investment Chair. “There was just not enough money to fund every program and service, the volunteers went through each application while reviewing past successes of the previously funded programs.”

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton uses a Community Indicator model of funding. Each priority area has 3 or 4 Key Elements that drive the movement of the Community Indicator.
The three priority impact areas for this funding cycle are:

From Poverty to Possibility
All That Kids Can Be
Healthy People, Strong Communities


  • 18 programs will maintain current funding levels.
  • Five programs will receive funding for the first time.
  • Five programs will see a decrease,
  • Five existing programs will not receive funding.
  • Two programs that had funding under Critical Service Grants now shift to regular funding.Member of the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario.


Community Investments 2021-2022

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Matching Program                                          $80,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Big Bunch                                                       $20,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Go Girls & Game On                                      $30,000

BGC (Boys & Girls Club)                                Out of School Programs                                 $81,667

BGC (Boys & Girls Club)                                Summer Program                                           $12,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Meals on Wheels                                            $31,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Transportation                                                $58,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Homeward Bound                                           $30,000

Community Living                                           Transitions Facilitator                                     $50,000

County of Lambton                                         School Nutrition/Snack Program                    $16,650

Family Counselling Centre                             Counselling                                                     $87,000

Family Counselling Centre                             Distress Line/Tel Check                                 $50,782

Family Counselling Centre                             S-L Suicide Prevention Committee                $20,000

Habitat for Humanity                                       Handyman                                                      $15,000

Inn of the Good Shepherd                              Income Tax Clinics                                         $28,000

John Howard Society                                     Rapid Housing/Housing Stabilization             $70,000

John Howard Society                                     Youth Life Skills                                              $22,500

Lambton Elderly Outreach                             Transportation                                                $55,000

Lambton Elderly Outreach                             Meals on Wheels                                            $16,600

New Beginnings, ABI & Stroke Recovery      Community Integration                                   $20,000

North Lambton CHC                                       Opening Doors (Sarnia & Forest)                  $60,000

Rebound                                                         Early Intervention/Prevention                         $50,000

Salvation Army                                               Rent/Utility Assistance                                    $40,000

Salvation Army                                               Dental Assistance                                           $17,000

Salvation Army                                               Medical & RX Assistance                               $10,000

Salvation Army                                               Hearing Aids                                                   $10,000

Walpole Island First Nation                            Warming Shelter                                             $55,000

YMCA                                                             Autism Summer Camp                                   $28,667

YMCA                                                             Resource Houses                                           $85,000


Additional Community Investments

Donor Option to Other Agencies                                                                                            $100,000

Critical Service Grants                                                                                                            $50,000

2021 Critical Service Grants

Reaseau-Femmes de Sud Ouest de l’Ontario           Child Witness to Violence program    $30,000

River City Vineyard                                                     Nutritious Snack program                   $12,000

St. Vincent de Paul                                                     Food Bank                                          $20,000



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