Sept 28th, 2023 Under Wraps Lunch: Pork Burrito Bowl; Imperial Employees and Contractors Only


Grab n Go Lunch for United Way will be Thursday, Sept 28th, 2023 featuring UnderWraps

All bowls include rice, refried beans, quinoa, peppers, black beans, corn, queso, sour cream, mild salsa, shredded cheese.  (Not exactly as shown).

*Lunch will cost $15

*Drink is not included

Please order by Wednesday, Sept  27th, at 1:00 pm.

  •  Meals can be picked up at 11:45 AM, Sept 28th, 2023 in the parking lot near Chippewa Training Center (252 Chippewa Street, parking lot on the West side of the building)

Thank you for supporting the United Way and our 30 programs and services including services to help local individuals and families in poverty..