Impacting Our Local Community

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Impacting Our Local Community.

Upcoming events:

Thanks a Latte.  $1 from every Latte sold at all Coffee Lodge Locations in Sarnia and Petrolia on February 11, 2023.

March Bagel Madness.  $1 from every dozen bagels sold the entire month of March at The Bagel Factory on London Road, Sarnia.


The United Way of Sarnia Lambton funds emerging needs throughout Lambton County and supports the success of local agency programs and services. Our funding assists people as they become healthier, empowered, safe and independent.  We are change makers for our community.

Thank you to everybody who has made a charitable donation to the United Way of Sarnia Lambton.

It’s never too late to make a difference. Contributions made before December 31st   will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt for the 2022 tax year.  Contributions made in January or later will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt dated 2023.

Every dollar donated is put to work locally helping those who need it most. When you invest in our Community via the United Way you fund …What Matters!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$1,650,000Raised $1,426,385 towards the $1,650,000 target.$1,426,385Raised $1,426,385 towards the $1,650,000 target.86%

From Poverty To Possibility

United Way is helping people move out of, or avoid, the cycle of poverty with access to nutritious, affordable and appropriate food security and with supports to access emergency shelters and to maintain safe and stable housing.

All That Kids Can Be

Investing in kids so they can succeed in school and develop supportive relationships. Giving children and youth the support they need to make healthy choices and to better handle life’s challenges.

Healthy People, Strong Communities

United Way is creating a strong, inclusive community connecting people of all ages to supports for their personal wellbeing – from addiction and mental health supports to helping seniors live independently.

SCreen shot of the Federal Government CSRF

November 22: Ministerial Announcement Event

On November 22 at 1pm ET, the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Karina Gould, will be publicly announcing the Community Services Recovery Fund in Ottawa. United Way Centraide Canada will participate alongside the Canadian Red Cross and Community Foundations of Canada (National Funders). This announcement will be a hybrid event (in-person and virtual). Once the announcement is finished, the embargo will officially be lifted. The Community Services Recovery Fund website, which will include FAQs and Eligibility Criteria, will go live and potential applicants will begin to learn about the program.

Applications now open

To apply to the Community Services Recovery Fund, complete the PDF application below.  Once complete, save the application to your computer using the name of your organization and email the document along with required documents (see question 47 – Financial Information), to Pamela Bodkin, [email protected].



Please note: The PDF application form must be downloaded and opened with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Do not open the form in a web browser or other PDF reader as the functionality of the form cannot be guaranteed. You can download the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.  (If you are still experiencing difficulties, you might want to consider using the Firefox browser)


Veuillez noter : Le formulaire de candidature en format « PDF » doit être téléchargé et ouvert avec Adobe Acrobat ou Adobe Acrobat Reader. N’ouvrez pas le formulaire dans un navigateur web ou un autre lecteur PDF, car la fonctionnalité du formulaire ne peut être garantie. Vous pouvez télécharger le logiciel gratuit Adobe Reader à partir du site web d’Adobe

2023 – 2024 Community Investments

United Way of Sarnia-Lambton volunteer Board of Directors has announced the 2022 campaign achievement of $1,426,000.  Thank you to all our volunteers and donors who made this campaign such a success.

United Way Announces 2023-2024 Community Investments

For Immediate Release – January 17, 2023

Falling short of the 2022 campaign needs target will result in some changes to the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton funding portfolio in order to fund as many local priorities as possible.

Last evening the volunteer Board of Directors approved the 2023 – 2024 Community Investments to 28 programs in Sarnia-Lambton.  This funding portfolio maintains 25 existing funded programs, an increase to 1 funded program, a decrease to 1 funded program, the elimination of two funded programs and funding to a new program through the Critical Services Grant Fund.

The volunteer United Way Board of Directors with the assistance of the volunteer Community Investment Committee changed its local Community Impact agenda after Covid 19 struck.  “The needs in our community changed quickly with the pandemic and the United Way had to position themselves to respond as quickly as possible”, said Gerry Whitcombe, Community Investment Committee Chair.  “Poverty and housing issues have been on the rise over the years and Covid made those issues even worse”, he added.  As a result, the Board set the following 3 priority areas for the volunteers to follow during their review of funding requests.

Poverty to Possibility – approximately 44% of available funding

Healthy People, Strong Communities – approximately 31% of available funding

All That Kids Can Be – approximately 25% of available funding

The volunteers identified which programs fit into one of the priority areas and then had to work within the Board approved budget of each priority area.  “The volunteers also review the future measures for success of the programs and review the past successes of those programs which received funding during the last funding cycle,” said Whitcombe.  “Collaboration and partnerships with other service providers is a very important part of our review process, even more so with reduced funding available.  Working together not only avoids duplication and inefficiencies but creates more of a possibility of success for the clients when service providers work together.  All of the volunteers deserve a big thank you for their time and dedication to this process, and we want to thank the thousands of Donors as well” Whitcombe added.

Youth Life Skills (John Howard Society), and Transitions Facilitator (Community Living) will not receive funding for 2023-24.  The Youth Life Skills program withdrew their application as their services were being duplicated through the opening of the youth wellness hub and other drop in type centers which are now available in our community.  The Agency will still support youth through partnerships with these other service providers and will offer their expertise should any community agency need it.  Community Living (Transitions Facilitator) unfortunately had to be cut from the funding portfolio.  “Although this program does amazing work, our available funds and funding priority targets just does not allow us to continue to fund this program,” said Whitcombe.  The United Way is committed to working with this Agency to assist them in finding other funding for this program.

The sole increase of $8600 was awarded to the YMCA Resource Houses program.  This program services children in geared to income housing neighborhoods with before and after school snacks and in some instances, lunches to take to school.  The increased need and cost of food both contributed to the need for additional funds.  The YMCA Autism Summer Camp will see a decrease of $13,000.

The Board of Directors also approved a one year Critical Services Grant of $15,000 to River City Vineyard for the purchase of 50 hospital grade mattresses for their shelter expansion.  “This expansion will be for the “hard to house” homeless population that generally live on the streets and have no other options of where to sleep,” said Whitcombe. They generally suffer from addiction, mental illness, or both and have a hard time securing and staying in long term housing.  We want to keep them safe and off the streets not only for their own good but the communities as well.

United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is proud to be taking part in the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund, a collaboration between United Way Centraide Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, and Community Foundations of Canada.  The Community Services Recovery Fund will support a vast array of Community Service organization’s as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Community Services Recovery Fund aims to support the adaptation and modernization needs of non-profits and charitable Community Service Organizations facing immediate and long-term impacts of the pandemic as they continue to support communities.  Community Service Organizations can apply from January 6, 2023 until February 21, 2023.  Locally, $332,814 will be available through this funding stream.  For more information or to apply, visit or contact Pamela Bodkin at [email protected].


Local Community Investments 2023 to 2024

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Matching Program                              $80,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Big Bunch                                           $20,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                 Go Girls & Game On                          $30,000

BGC (Boys & Girls Club)                                Out of School Programs                     $81,667

BGC (Boys & Girls Club)                                Summer Program                               $12,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Meals on Wheels                                $31,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Transportation                                    $58,000

Canadian Red Cross                                      Homeward Bound                               $30,000

County of Lambton                                         COVID-19 School Food Delivery       $16,650

Family Counselling Centre                             Counselling                                         $87,000

Family Counselling Centre                             Distress Line/Tel Check                     $50,782

Family Counselling Centre                             Suicide Prevention                             $20,000

Habitat for Humanity                                       Handyman Program                           $15,000

Inn of the Good Shepherd                              Income Tax Clinics                             $28,000

John Howard Society                                     Rapid Housing                                    $70,000

Lambton Elderly Outreach                             Transportation                                    $55,000

Lambton Elderly Outreach                             Meals on Wheels                                $16,600

New Beginnings, ABI & Stroke Recovery      Community Integration                       $20,000

North Lambton CHC                                       Opening Doors (Sarnia & Forest)      $60,000

Rebound                                                         Early Intervention & Prevention          $50,000

Salvation Army                                               Rent/Utility Assistance                        $40,000

Salvation Army                                               Dental Assistance                               $17,000

Salvation Army                                               Medical & RX Assistance                   $10,000

Salvation Army                                               Hearing Aid Assistance                      $10,000

YMCA                                                             Resource Houses                               $93,600

YMCA                                                             Autism Summer Camp                       $30,000

Walpole Island First Nation                            Warming Shelter                                 $55,000

Additional Community Investments

United Way Direct Community Services                                                                    $170,000

Donor Option to Other Agencies                                                                                $90,000

River City Vineyard Critical Services Grant                                                               $15,000

Federal Government Community Services Recovery Fund                                      $332,814

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