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Workplace Campaign Resources

United Way campaign in 4 easy steps

Your workplace guide for improving lives locally.

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Campaign Coordinators make a real impact in their workplaces and in our community. It is a rewarding role that takes planning, purposeful communication, and creativity. Each workplace is unique. You will want to customize your Campaign to make it successful for your workplace’s specific culture, using the ideas, tools and best practices we have provided here to help you.

Get all the ideas, tools and support you need!

This toolkit provides information to help you through every step of your campaign. Included are tips, best practices, forms, templates, materials, social and everything in between. These are all the necessary resources for coordinating a fun, educational and successful workplace campaign.

Campaign Coordinator Training

How to Run a Successful Work Place Campaign…
And Have Fun Doing It!

Workplace Campaigns

From poverty to possibility

United Way is helping people move out of, or avoid, the cycle of poverty with access to nutritious, affordable and appropriate food security and with supports to access emergency shelters and to maintain safe and stable housing.

All that kids can be

Investing in kids so they can succeed in school and develop supportive relationships. Giving children and youth the support they need to make healthy choices and to better handle life’s challenges.

Healthy people, strong communities

United Way is creating a strong, inclusive community connecting people of all ages to supports for their personal wellbeing – from addiction and mental health supports to helping seniors live independently.

What does a United Way Employee Campaign Coordinator Do?

  • Head up a project team made up of people from throughout your organization/workplace.
  • Develop a highly measurable and challenging financial goal to achieve.
  • Provide leadership to guide your team by means of persuasion and your personal credibility and influence.
  • You will be able to work closely with a large number of people both inside and outside the organization/workplace.
  • As project manager, you will interact with the senior leadership team of both your company and other organizations.
  • At the end of your campaign, celebrate your success! You have embarked on a wonderful development opportunity!

Getting Started

  • Meet with United Way staff either in person, on Zoom, or on the telephone.
  • Consider if you want to run an “E-campaign”, or a traditional campaign with paper pledge cards and brochures….or both!
  • Review United Way materials, United Way Social Media.
  • Know YOUR organization; your previous campaign successes.
  • Work with your CEO or senior manager to determine a campaign goal.
  • Confirm your Senior Manager’s support, and Labour if you are in a union environment.
  • Enlist support – recruit a small committee representing all departments in your organization.

E-Campaign vs Traditional Campaign

E-campaign vs traditional campaign…or both!

  • We LOVE presentations! Use us as a tool to bring value to your campaign. Presentations are personalized and can be done in person or virtually.
  • Presentations work great with either campaign strategy.
  • Either campaign strategy has advantages, and we are happy to work with you with whatever you choose.

Steps for a Successful Workplace Campaign

The Fear of Missing Out!

Show your excitement and others will want to know more! Plan a fun campaign kick off!

Be Visual! 

Use United Way brochures and posters.

Talk about Your Campaign!

Promote and publicize your campaign in employee newsletters, e-mail, and other in-house tools.

Have Fun!

Offer giving incentives like prizes or fun recognition.

Get Social!

If you are a member of Social Marketing sites, let friends know your United Way Status; tweet campaign progress, funny stories, etc. upload United Way photos.


We can arrange guest speakers, videos etc.

How long will your campaign be?

A short intensive 2-week campaign is enough time to send out pledge information, have some fun events and have presentations. ( Don’t forget to tell us what you are doing! We want to be involved.)

Be the leader and make a donation.

It’s much easier to ask for a donation if you show how easy it is to donate.

Ask everyone!

Did you know that the number one reason people don’t give is because they weren’t asked? Don’t forget employees who are off-site, travel, are on alternate shifts, or are on an approved leave.

You need to follow up.

Whether you use personalized paper pledge cards or an e-campaign, reminders will be needed. Emails, notices on bulletin boards, or building entrance/exits are great ways to keep our co-workers informed. Always include the donation link.


Report your interim and final numbers to the United Way (United Way will report to you any interim status if you are using the E campaign method).

Double Check

Make certain all pledge cards are returned and are accounted for. Turn all payroll deduction cards into your Payroll Department.


Summarize campaign information, including payroll deduction, cash, cheques, credit card etc.

Call UW

Call or email United Way to pick up envelopes, unused materials, etc.


Report results to all employees and thank them for participating. Consider a wind-up meeting, coffee break.

Employee Presentation

  • Contact United Way to schedule employee presentations
  • Presentations can be done to meet your needs; as little as 5 minutes, or detailed to last up to 30 minutes. Usually, presentations are 10 minutes including the showing of a United Way short video
  • Can be done as part of an already scheduled staff or safety meeting
  • Facilitated by the Loaned Rep. (if available), or other United Way personnel
  • Can be done using teleconferencing or video conferencing including Zoom, etc.

Concerns and Objections

  1. Objections are not personal. These objections are NOT directed at you.
  2. Objections are often based on incorrect information. Try to get to the REAL issue.
  3. Show Empathy. Listen carefully and show concern.
  4. Don’t argue. Instead, offer information about the many ways United Way helps people.
  5. Relax, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer. Contact United Way for help. Always call if the information is more personal in nature or encourage the individual to contact the United Way directly.

Please note, this is another advantage of a United Way presentation; the ability for a United Way speaker to answer questions or concerns, and to discuss any items of mis-information.

Why Support the United Way?

  1. Efficiency. One donation helps many local, agencies provide that provide programs and services across Lambton County. You save time and energy researching what agencies are making the biggest impact and are most in need.
  2. The United Way takes your privacy seriously and cuts down on the risk of identity fraud by not giving your personal information to multiple organizations including credit card numbers etc.
  3. Low administration costs; 15% is budgeted for Campaign and Admin. Costs. United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is a member of the Better Business Bureau; 3rd party validation that money goes where it is supposed to
  4. Local. Local. Local. Contribution benefits Sarnia-Lambton residents – money stays here
  5. Money is used wisely, to fund those programs that provide a measurable impact on the lives of people, their families and the community
  6. Likely that each of us will at some point in our lifetime be touched by a funded partner – often we might not even know it.
  7. United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has been here for 64 years and gets results!

Donor Options

  • Not as popular as it once was but is available to donors. 5 – 10% of campaign dollars are “Donor Opted”.
  • Allows donors to direct some or all of their donation to specific agencies whether they are funded by United Way or not.
  • Allows for negative donor designation; requests for donation NOT to go to a specific United Way funded agency (Rarely used).
  • Donor Option Cards are available.
  • Minimum donation of $10 must be made in order to direct donations through the Donor Option Program.
  • When reporting total dollars raised, please list amounts to NON-Funded agencies separately.
  • Donor Option cards must be submitted by December 31 of each year; Our audit begins in early February and these amounts must be known prior to the annual audit.
  • E campaigns also allow for Donor Option!

Fun Campaign Incentives

  • Time off from work
  • Casual Day
  • Reserved parking
  • Tickets to movies, sporting events, dinners etc.
  • Grocery or other retail gift certificates
  • Company T-Shirts
  • Dinner for two
  • “Sleep in” passes
  • “Leave work early” passes
  • An Extended Lunch Pass
  • Trophy
  • Rides to work

Special Events Ideas

  • Balloon Pop! Employees donate prizes for this event, which is a variation of a traditional raffle. Before filling the balloon, put a note inside with the name of a prize. Employees pay $2 to by a balloon and pop it to find out what prize they won!
  • Win the CEO/President’s Parking Spot
  • Bake Sale
  • A virtual challenge! Have your co-workers commit to doing something physically challenging for every $10 they raise. Ten push-ups for every $10? Yes! Climb ten flights of stairs? Go for it! Run a mile? They can do it! Encourage them to add a personal touch to it by filming themselves doing the challenge and feature video clips in your e-mail communications or intranet to inspire others to participate or donate.
  • Pancake Breakfast or Chili Cook Off
  • Miniature Golf
  • Coffee Cart

Lottery Licenses

  1. United Way will complete necessary applications on your behalf.
  2. Lead time for applications could be as high as 1 month, although generally less.
  3. Notify United Way Loaned Rep/RD Manager of your lottery plans as soon as possible.
  4. Value of prizes must be at least 20% of the total potential revenue from ticket sales.
  5. United Way must complete a final report one week after the draw.
  6. Lottery must be carried out as per the application filed.
  7. Lottery License must be on display where tickets are sold.

What United Way needs to apply for a lottery license.


  • When will the draw take place?
  • How many tickets do you hope to sell
  • How much are the tickets
  • What is the prize (value)
  • How will the winner be announced?
  • Do you plan multiple raffles over the campaign period. (Often, we can apply for one blanket license to cover all your draws)

Final Report:

  • Name, address of the winner(s)
  • How many tickets were sold
  • Please return all tickets to the United way office INCLUDING all the sold, and Unsold tickets with the proceeds
  • This must be done within two weeks of the draw

Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way Campaign. Your enthusiasm and hard work make a tremendous difference in the lives of people right here in your community.