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General Information

United Way Plan

Community Heart

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is a member of approximately 90 United Ways of United Way/Centraide Canada; one of approximately 32 United Ways in Ontario and a member of the United Ways of the Ontario Southwest Region. In addition to participating in various United Way of Canada activities, we are an active participant in many United Way World Wide initiatives as well including training and conferences.

Throughout this website, you will read about some of the many outstanding activities we are involved in.

Our Campaign and Administration costs continue to decrease. We are proud to say our dues to United Way/Centraide Canada are only 1% of our total revenue. This annual fee pays for administrative services including: the legal use of the logo; staff and volunteer training/education/workshops; national research of donor trends and donor attitudes; and national recognition and promotion. Our low costs of fundraising have caught the eye of the Better Business Bureau of Southwestern Ontario making our United Way the only United Way in Canada to be accepted as a member, and one of few charitable organizations overall.

All United Ways in Canada are autonomous and operate individually. Groups of local volunteers are involved in Community Investment process, the Board of Directors, and providing support to our employee campaigns and special events to raise funds for our local community agencies. They decide how much money each agency receives based on the Community Investment Model. All funds raised in Sarnia-Lambton provide programs and services directly in our community. The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton is a registered charity with Revenue Canada abiding by federal and provincial regulations and guidelines.

Our United Way depends on the significant support of local industry, organized labour, businesses and their employees for corporate donations annually, and for other generous gifts such as Loaned Representatives, campaign promotional items, and most importantly- exceptional visible support during campaigns.

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton enjoys a solid relationship with the local media. We sincerely thank The Observer, Sarnia This Week, Sarnia Journal, Blackburn radio, YourTV, The Show with David Burrows and so many other local news sources, for their marketing and advertising support. We depend on our media partners and appreciate everything they do for us in getting our word out to the community about our campaigns and how we are making an impact on the lives of people in Sarnia-Lambton.

Everyone in our community is vital to the success of the United Way. Dedicated volunteers and donors are the pulse that allows the United Way to vibrate with success.

We extend a warm invitation to “Invest in our Community…. What Matters”.

Our Mandate

United Way of Sarnia-Lambton Mission Statement

To generate resources enabling the community to respond to Human Care priorities in Sarnia-Lambton and to measure and improve the effectiveness of these invested resources.

To accomplish this mission statement, the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has focused its resources in two core businesses: Resource Development and Community Investment.

Resource Development includes Campaign, Planned Giving, (the vision 2025 program), Volunteerism, and other resources.

Community Investment includes the investment of all resources: Campaign revenues, volunteers’ time, and other assets including knowledge and support.

Core Business Goals

Resource Development

  • To raise the maximum amount of money, and other resources, as cost efficiently as we can, and to invest as much money into community programs and services as possible.

Community Investment

  • To ensure United Way is funding the most crucial needs in Sarnia-Lambton and that the United Way stays current on what these priorities are.
  • To invest as much money as possible each year into community programs and services.
  • To fund community programs and services reflecting both the customer and community needs to achieve the optimal return on donor’s investments.
  • To fund programs provided by our Funded Agencies as well as other community programs that meet new and emerging needs in Sarnia-Lambton.
  • To eliminate duplication of funding and gaps in funding, and to promote the identification of greater efficiencies within the agencies of funded programs and services.