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The Observer article for Saturday, October 30, 2021
With a little more than two months remaining in the 2021 United Way campaign, the drive is running on all cylinders.
“We just hit the $640,000 mark of this year’s campaign, that represents almost 37% of our $1.75 million target, “said Vicky Ducharme, the United Way Campaign Chair.
There are a number of employee campaigns running, including all of our industrial campaigns.  Ducharme said there were also other non-industrial campaigns fundraising including departments with the federal government, and just wrapping up, the St. Clair District Catholic School Board.
Ducharme said the St. Clair District School Board surpassed last year’s total, and 21 additional donors supported the drive this year compared to last.
We are very grateful for those kinds of increases, and we’re hopeful that this momentum will carry forward into other employee campaigns.  The Lambton Kent District School Board will be kicking off later in November.  No official date has been set but its anticipated to kickoff in November.
One recent trend that is noteworthy is the increase in donations of stocks and other appreciated equities.  “In the past week, we received well over $15,000 in value of company stocks donated to the United Way.”
“More donors are understanding the tax advantages of donating appreciated stocks and other equities, and just how simple of a process that is, ” said Ducharme.
Ducharme added that the United Way has a stock transfer form that is available by calling the United Way at 519 336-5452, or by visiting the United Way website at, and can be easily downloaded or printed off.  She said donors only need to fill out the straightforward form and provide a copy to both their broker and the United Way.   “It is important that we get a copy of the stock transfer form so that when the shares arrive into our account, we know who to receipt for the donation,” Ducharme said.
Ducharme added that donors avoid paying any capital gains tax whatsoever, and receive a charity gift receipt for tax purposes for the entire market value of the shares.   “What’s important to remember, is the shares must be transferred to the United Way. They cannot be sold first and the proceeds be donated as that will trigger the Capital Gains Tax.  However, by transferring the shares directly to United Way, the capital gains is completely avoided, “she said.
Anyone planning to donate to the United Way can also donate by calling the United Way or logging onto the local website. So far this year, more than 100 people have donated $31,000 through the United Way website, mostly retirees and local businesses. Payroll deduction remains the most common method of donating to the United Way at the workplace.
Wrapping up the month, Sarnia-Lambton residents are reminded of the promotions at Dattollo Bake Shop on Confederation Street in Sarnia that they will be donating one dollar from every pizza sold up until close on Halloween night.  The Bagel Factory on London Road is continuing their month-long promotion and will be donated one dollar from every dozen bagels sold until he end of the month.  The UNited Way 50/50 monthly jackpot tickets are on sale at and the deadline for this month’s draw is November 14, 2021.
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Michelle Laplante, Imperial Sarnia and Nanticoke Site Project Manager takes a pie in the face from Regan Pfaff, Sarnia Project Development Lead.  Imperial, like most other manufacturing workplaces hold several events to raise additional money for the United Way, usually food related, but the Imperial Manager’s Pie in the Face has gained in popularity in recent years.