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United Way: for Saturday, December 3, 2022

The United Way of Sarnia-Lambton campaign thermometers have been holding steady in recent weeks, but should see some upward momentum soon.

“Right now, we are at 52% of our $1.65 Million Needs Target which is $850,000, but this week a number of our large industrial employee campaigns wrapped up this week, and three have matching corporate gifts,” said Vicky Ducharme, the 2022 United Way Campaign Chair.

Ducharme explained that NOVA chemicals, ARLANXEO, and Shell Canada, all wrapped up their employee campaigns this week, and she said that she expects to see those campaign final figures in the coming days.

Ducharme said that in addition to those companies, there are still many industrial and non-industrial campaigns that are still running, and she is hopeful that they will come through and meet last year’s totals.

Ducharme said United Way has had a number of new donors this year, and donors who increase their contributions this year, recognizing the increasing need in our community.

Ducharme pointed out that inflation and gas prices affect all of us in Sarnia-Lambton, but it impacts those families with limited incomes, and seniors with fixed incomes even more.  Ducharme pointed to those agencies such as the school nutrition program and the poverty related programs that receive United Way funding, how much more they two are paying for food and transportation services than they had in previous years.  The school nutrition program as one agency that is facing higher food prices and at the same time seeing more children than ever hungry.

One local organization, who has seen the increasing need locally that has helped raise additional money for United Way is Goodwill Industries.

“I would like to thank Goodwill, who for the month of October, asked their customers at their Sarnia-Lambton thrift stores to round up their purchases in the stores, which resulted in over $800 for the United Way campaign. We are very grateful to the Goodwill industries and appreciate the support we received from them and their customers this month, “Ducharme said.

Ducharme pointed out that it’s this kind of creativity, that we’re seeing a lot of our community, and pointed to Top Shelf Canada, who donate one dollar for every bottle of hot sauce sold in Sarnia-Lambton.  Top Shelf Canada are makers of the award-winning, hot sauce, Front Street Heat, and its other flavours, Front Street Fire, and Inferno.  Bottles of hot sauce can be purchased anywhere food is sold in Sarnia-Lambton, and can also be purchased at United Way of Sarnia-Lambton website or at the office at 1362 Lambton Mall Road in Sarnia.

Ducharme said the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton campaign is running behind last year’s pace, and with just four weeks remaining, she is urging all Sarnia-Lambton residents who have not yet contributed to the United Way, to please do so.

“There are so many ways to support United Way in addition to giving at your workplace. Please call the United Way office at 519-336-5452, or visit the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton website at  An increasing number of contributors are stopping by the United Way office at 1362 Lambton Mall Road, just two doors down from Mall Road Library,” she said.


Photo Caption:

Sue Serratore, a five year volunteer with the school nutrition and breakfast program and Bluewater Health Retiree prepares the school snack for students at Pauline McGibbon public School in Sarnia.  The nutrition program is one of more than 30 programs funded by the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton.  The program is provided at schools throughout Sarnia and Lambton County and is one of several programs aimed at helping kids be all that they can be.